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ORNL’s capabilities are closely aligned with the US automotive industry, which calls Michigan home. The laboratory has conducted research and development projects for Michigan’s industrial giants including Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Whirlpool, Eaton, Diversified Tooling Group, Leggera Technologies, Quantum Opus, and Perisense.

Value of contracts awarded $9M
43% Percentage to small businesses
39% Percentage to educational institutions
Publications authored with Michigan institutions 1,092
Organizations that sponsored research with ORNL 30
ORNL User Facilities Users in Michigan
Building Technologies Research and Integration Center 4
Carbon Fiber Technology Facility 6
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences 3
High Flux Isotope Reactor 3
Manufacturing Demonstration Facility 6
Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility 30
Spallation Neutron Source 3

ORNL’s user facilities offer a diverse set of tools for experiments across a range of fields, including biology, materials and energy sciences, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Learn more about ORNL’s user facilities. Data reflects fiscal year 2020 except for scientific publications, which covers 2016–2020. Partner stories reflect work conducted from 2016 to present.


General Motors has licensed ORNL’s award-winning artificial intelligence software system, the Multinode Evolutionary Neural Networks for Deep Learning, for use in vehicle technology and design. The AI system, known as MENNDL, uses algorithms to design neural networks used for recognizing patterns in datasets of text, images, or sounds. General Motors will assess MENNDL’s potential to improve technology and design for driver assistance systems.


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ORNL is collaborating with Navitas Systems, based in Ann Arbor, to develop and extend a fabrication process to manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. Outcomes of the collaboration will significantly reduce costs associated with manufacturing without sacrificing either energy density or cycle life for batteries. Navitas will work with researchers in the Department of Energy’s Battery Manufacturing Facility, the nation’s largest open-access research and development center for batteries, giving scientists and industry partners the ability to analyze every aspect of production from raw materials and electrode dispersion preparation to finished product and performance testing.


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ORNL and H3D are partnering to characterize the performance of a new gamma ray detector for international safeguards. The project, called Gamma Rodeo, is funded by the National Nuclear Security Administration. The project is an ORNL-led collaboration that also includes Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, Sandia and Pacific Northwest national laboratories.


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