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ORNL holds cooperative research agreements with Washington University in St. Louis; Missouri-based companies Boeing, GKN Aerospace, and Nortek Global HVAC; and an industry advocacy organization, the National Corn Growers Association. The laboratory also conducts environmental monitoring through the MOFLUX project in the Baskett Forest alongside the University of Missouri.

Value of contracts awarded $7.3M
6% Percentage to small businesses
24% Percentage to educational institutions
Publications authored with Missouri institutions 251
Organizations that sponsored research with ORNL 7
ORNL User Facilities Users in Missouri
Building Technologies Research and Integration Center 6
Carbon Fiber Technology Facility 1
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences 8
Manufacturing Demonstration Facility 1
Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility 3
Spallation Neutron Source 10

ORNL’s user facilities offer a diverse set of tools for experiments across a range of fields, including biology, materials and energy sciences, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Learn more about ORNL’s user facilities. Data reflects fiscal year 2020 except for scientific publications, which covers 2016–2020. Partner stories reflect work conducted from 2016 to present.


ORNL and the University of Missouri have a history of collaboration beginning in 2004 with the Missouri Ozark AmeriFlux, or MOFLUX, project. MOFLUX is a Department of Energy-supported experimental station where scientists use instruments on a 106-foot tower to measure carbon and water balance in the region’s oak-hickory forests. Set along Missouri’s Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Area, MOFLUX helps us better understand how atmospheric stresses such as droughts, heatwaves, and unseasonable temperature changes impact local ecosystems.


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