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ORNL’s partnerships with companies in the Empire State echo the laboratory’s core strengths in energy storage innovation, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, and materials science. ORNL collaborates with Eonix, an early stage energy storage company; nTopology, an engineering design software firm; and Lux Semiconductors, a developer of crystalline thin-film semiconductors for flexible electronics.

Value of contracts awarded $19.8M
48% Percentage to small businesses
6% Percentage to educational institutions
Publications authored with New York institutions 1,109
Organizations that sponsored research with ORNL 12
Technology licenses issued to organizations 5
ORNL User Facilities Users in New York
Building Technologies Research and Integration Center 4
Carbon Fiber Technology Facility 5
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences 11
High Flux Isotope Reactor 6
Manufacturing Demonstration Facility 5
Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility 104
Spallation Neutron Source 17

ORNL’s user facilities offer a diverse set of tools for experiments across a range of fields, including biology, materials and energy sciences, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Learn more about ORNL’s user facilities. Data reflects fiscal year 2020 except for scientific publications, which covers 2016–2020. Partner stories reflect work conducted from 2016 to present.


ORNL partners with Brookhaven National Laboratory on numerous research projects, from modeling proteins to understanding energy-related materials. Recently, Brookhaven, ORNL, and Los Alamos National Laboratory have teamed up for participation in the Department of Energy Isotope Program’s Tri-Lab research effort. The purpose of this effort is to provide actinium-225 for cancer treatment. In June 2021, ORNL processed the largest batch of actinium-225 ever put into inventory.


As a DOE Office of Science multidisciplinary lab—like ORNL—Brookhaven leads initiatives that focus on nuclear science, energy science, data science, particle physics, accelerator science and technology, quantitative plant science, and quantum information science. Brookhaven operates four user facilities, including the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, the National Synchrotron Light Source II, and the Center for Functional Nanomaterials.


Learn more about isotope research and physical science at ORNL.


In 2021, ORNL licensed a wireless charging technology for electric vehicles to HEVO, a Brooklyn startup. HEVO and ORNL will collaborate to scale up the technology under a recently awarded Technology Commercialization Fund grant from DOE.


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ORNL has partnered with Widetronix, an early stage venture spun out of Cornell University, to improve nuclear battery performance. Nuclear batteries last longer and pack more power than other storage methods and are thus used in devices and equipment that operate independently for long periods of time, such as spacecraft and pacemakers. The technology that results from this partnership could help improve low-powered remote sensors.


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