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ORNL’s advanced manufacturing expertise has drawn numerous partners in Ohio, including Reuter-Stokes, a producer of measurement equipment; Strangpresse, an additive manufacturing extruder developer; Cincinnati Incorporated, a machine tools innovator; and Melink, a full-service solar power firm.

Value of contracts awarded $24M
66% Percentage to small businesses
3% Percentage to educational institutions
Publications authored with Ohio institutions 933
Organizations that sponsored research with ORNL 25
Technology licenses issued to organizations 11
ORNL User Facilities Users in Ohio
Building Technologies Research and Integration Center 4
Carbon Fiber Technology Facility 9
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences 14
High Flux Isotope Reactor 3
Manufacturing Demonstration Facility 9
Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility 16
Spallation Neutron Source 12

ORNL’s user facilities offer a diverse set of tools for experiments across a range of fields, including biology, materials and energy sciences, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Learn more about ORNL’s user facilities. Data reflects fiscal year 2020 except for scientific publications, which covers 2016–2020. Partner stories reflect work conducted from 2016 to present.


ORNL partnered with Lincoln Electric, based in Cleveland, and Wolf Robotics, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, to accelerate technology for additive manufacturing, significantly reducing the time and cost it takes to make large metal parts for automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. Through the development of improved materials and controls, this partnership has opened doors for localized manufacturing by forging new ground for rapidly printing large-scale metal parts. In 2017, ORNL demonstrated the impact of this system by fabricating the arm of a mini excavator in about five days, illustrating how additive manufacturing can be used to create single components with complex geometries.


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ORNL and the University of Toledo are collaborating to advance the design and manufacturing of high-strength, intelligent, lightweight materials for use in the automotive industry. Specifically, the partnership links ORNL’s capabilities in manufacturing, carbon fiber and composites, machining, energy storage, and metrology with the University of Toledo’s expertise in manufacturing system modeling, metals engineering, and assembly systems. This collaboration also engages Ohio’s automotive industry.


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ORNL news release: “ORNL, University of Toledo to Collaborate on Advanced Materials, Manufacturing Research for Vehicle Applications”

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