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ORNL and Wyoming-based Ramaco Carbon are exploring ways to convert coal to advanced carbon products and materials. The project is looking at ways to use coal as a feedstock for manufacturing carbon fibers, building products, and composites, as well as electrodes for energy storage devices and new materials for additive manufacturing.

Value of contracts awarded $23K
100% Percentage to small businesses
24 Publications authored with Wyoming institutions
Organizations that sponsored research with ORNL 1
ORNL User Facilities Users in Wyoming
Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility 10

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Ramaco Carbon, with facilities in West Virginia, has a longstanding interest in the development of coal into other products, which aligns with some of ORNL’s core strengths. For example, ORNL is home to the Carbon Fiber Technology Facility, the Department of Energy’s only designated user facility dedicated to carbon fiber innovation with a customizable platform for validating new conversion technologies at semi-production scale.


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